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Medical Billing Services

Our services

Our Services

Dive billing aims to provide greater profitability with HIPAA compliant medical billing solutions that are easily applicable to doctor offices, group practices and even to individual billers and small medical billing companies.

The services provided by the experts in our team are as follows:


Credentialing is a formal process of reviewing and verifying the qualifications of a health care provider who is interested in participating with various insurances in their country.

The specialists at DiveMedical Billing are experts at Medical Credentialing, provider applications, enrolment forms, verification services, and other medical credential services.

DiveBilling providers’ application administration cycles and records archives for CMS Enrolments, Health Plan Paneling and State Applications and so forth by utilizing 855A, 855B, 855R, 8551 and 855S alongside other normalized structures to help new and existing individual suppliers, specialists, medical groups, surgical centers and clinics to build their efficiency and benefits.

The cycle starts with mentioning Credentialing Application Kits from all the business and government health care insurances. In the wake of presenting the marked applications we circle back to the payers to recover the Provider or Group ID # affirming that the specialist is participating with the insurance. We additionally give fortnightly announcements to the provider until a powerful date of enrollment is resolved so the provider can start claim admission.

  • Credentialing Verification
  • Commercial Payer Enrollment
  • CMOs and IPA
  • Medicare & Medicaid Enrollment
  • CAQH Credentialing

Patient Enrollment

The whole procedure for enrolling patients so that they can communicate with their doctors is a time consuming process. As a result, Dive billings assembled a team of specialist for computerizing the procedure.

Our enrollment staff keeps a record of every patient and makes sure the information does not overlap. This is to ensure reliability of data.

Smart Scheduling

These days’ patients expect a high quality service which allows them to spend their time wisely. This can be achieved by mastering the art of scheduling visits so that the service remains occupied whereas there is zero overlap in the bookings. This keeps patients happy and maintains revenue streams.

On the other hand, we make sure both the physician and the patient’s time is saved as neither likes to be left unattended. It is extremely expensive for the practice to have no patients available for the physician and vice versa. Our Smart-scheduling eliminates this problem and saves time.

The promising services of our Smart Scheduling system make sure that every minute of your time is being utilized in the right direction.

By introducing a system which foresees any cancellation of appointments or no-shows, the density of patients is efficiently managed thereby reducing in-office wait time.

Appointment Reminders

To minimize time wastage and maximize profits and benefits, our specially made appointment reminders remind your patients about the appointments beforehand.

  • Real time Phone Reminder
  • Reminder Texting System
  • Email Reminder System
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Eligibility Verification

As indicated by industry sources, 25% of all medical care guarantee dissents are on the grounds that a patient isn't qualified for services billed to the insurer by the supplier. Frequently, a patient would be ineligible for benefits since their policy has been ended or changed and so forth

DiveBilling can assist rehearses with lessening their accounts receivable cycle and increase revenue, by fundamentally diminishing the effect of ineligibility, and expanding the quantity of "clean" guarantees that are shipped off to insurers (i.e., claims that are both finished, and are just for patients who are qualified for benefits).

The proficient team of callers at Dive Billing guarantees the qualification of patients in the insurance company whilst keep a track on the advance through our online framework.

Insurance Authorizations

Medical insurance authorization for hospitals was never as simple as it seems to be now with assistance of DiveBilling. Regardless of whether you are looking for Cardiology Approval or Nervous System Science Precertification; DME approval, and approval for Surgery, Nuclear Medicine, Orthopedics and so forth, DiveBilling would make the whole interaction to a greater degree a cake stroll for you

Some of the numerous benefits that you get incorporates:

Reduced time on telephone - you don't have to follow the insurance agencies, as the service provider would do it for you.

Centralized On Demand Assistance - for organizing all requests and correspondence with insurance agencies/organizations, requests and missing data and so forth

- Reduced paper - since the online radiology authorization specialists maintain all your authorization records electronically, paper work would be decreased consequently.

A/R Collections

Accounts receivable collections is a significant function and important to the soundness of any business. In the present business environment, keeping a Strong Cash Flow is the essence of development and achievement.

Medical care is esteemed for its clear methodology, honesty, and nature of service. We take pride in our ability to get comfortable with every customer’s unique conditions. having the option to give reasonable and powerful Medical Billing administrations, and aiding every customer meet its specific objectives which results into an observable change in the AR Collections.

Our demonstrated system of follow-up calling, Denial management/Resubmission and Insurance Appeals has transformed the AR collection area. Our master and expert group of medical billing and follow up call will guarantee a decline in your aging report by upto 10%.

Virtual Secretary

In this virtual world, we now have the chance to help our customers regardless of their location. Today outsourcing is a significant method of doing business, and our Virtual Secretarial Service will empower you to focus on your business, sure about the information that you are being professionally supported.

We are a business management with an adaptable approach and work to meet your requirments at times that suit you.

A few things that a Virtual secretory can help you with:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Coordinating with Attorneys and Insurance Companies
  • Co-pay collection report
  • Credentialing
  • Patient Invoicing

Data Entry

Medical data is indeed a tedious task. It requires undeniable tolerance and fixation. Out sourcing of Medical data entry is an ideal way to complete the bulky work.

If you are a medical professional looking for an expert service provider to do your medical data entry, then Dive Medical must be your first choice. We have long periods of involvement with the field of medical data entry, which incorporates Demographic Entry, Charge Entry I.C.Ds and C.P.T entries, E.O.B Postings, and so forth giving a precision level of 99.99%

Being an expert in the field, DiveBilling covers a wide range of Medical Data Entry. Our deliberately overseen Medical Data Entry and administrations will assist you with dealing with all your medical records and data effectively.

Professional Physician Billing

Physicians indeed spend a tremendous amount of time to prosper their practice by building the necessary skills, but it does not come out at as a surprise that even with all that experience it becomes extremely challenging to stay in line with the growing field of Physician revenue cycle management. Our team at Dive medical billing handles all of professional physical billing which covers aging account receivables A/R recovery. We also take care of medical revenue cycle management services that are specially modified to fit your needs.

We Are Providing Hospital Billing

Hospital Billing

Dive Medical staffing provides a wide range of hospital medical billing facilities ideal to meet the special needs of your hospital. We provide hospital revenue cycle management services (Hospital RCM), medical accounts receivables (AR recovery services), electronic health record/electronic medical record (EHR/EMR) technologies, practice management and patient engagement solutions.

Laboratory Billing Process & Services

Dive Medical billing also takes care of all laboratory billings with medical revenue cycle management (RCM), from payer credentialing to old AR collection. The service of Laboratory billing by Dive Medical can be availed separately or in a completely customized package of services like insurance verification, patient billing and old AR collections, medical coding and billing software, and more.

Lab medical billing services for maximum reimbursement

The experts at Dive Medical Billing cater to all of your Laboratory billing needs like scrubbing and submitting claims within minimum time, and tracking all claims until they are paid. All of this aims to increase revenues.

Radiology Center Billing

It is an accomplishment for Dive Medical Billing to be one of the only companies to offer a comprehensive range of solutions for your medical billing needs of the imaging center. Our services include management services (RCM), accounts receivables (AR recovery services), electronic health record/electronic medical record (EHR/EMR) technologies, practice management, and patient engagement. The most critical part of imaging center billing: Accurate coding, daily claims processing, and persistent follow up on all denials is completely taken care of by the specialists at Dive Medical Billing that have a strong grasp, and the necessary experience and knowledge with the unique requirements in coding and billing for mobile imaging, radiology, and free-standing imaging.

Increasing reimbursement for the latest technologies

Radiology is an ever evolving specialty and the specialists at Dive Medical Billing provide the skills required to correctly code and submit claims to get maximum reimbursements.